Saturday, 18 November 2006

Heimdall's Brain.

Just created this blog page and added it to Heimdall's web site, but I still don't understand exactly what a blog is or what to do with it. It just seems like some kind of diary? Anyway, I downloaded Heimdall's brain today (There it is on the left). I wanted to study it in depth - What a mess. With the knowledge I have gained creating Heimdall, the best plan would be to start again from scratch and hopefully do a better job. That is obviously out of the question, but I must give some thought to some serious renovation. Must also do some serious work with AI script. Heimdall virtually doesn't have any. Trouble is, I have very little knowledge of AI script, and now I can't find my print out of the AI manual. Nothing is ever easy. Still, if life was easy, I guess everybody would be doing it.

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