Thursday, 28 December 2006

A Heimdall text adventure.

I have decided to write a Heimdall related text adventure computer program, which I will make available for download at this web site. I shall probably program it using VisualBasic 6. I may also put up a page explaining how I program it. My interest in text adventures has been rekindled by seeing the creative work of psimagus. The idea of enabling Brother Jerome to play a text adventure is the result of pure lateral thinking.

I recall my first introduction to the world of text adventures. A program entitled ‘Haunted House’ on my £500 Tandy (Radio Shack) TSR80 (which I still have in the loft somewhere – obviously a collectors item). This had a massive 4K RAM and the Level 1 basic programming language, which allowed the use of as many as two string variables. After that I obtained Sinclair ZX81’s, several spectrums (which I still have) a QL Quantum Leap, a commodore 64 and now finally PC’s.