Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Chatterbox Challenge.

Made a good start with my text adventure, but have stopped for the time being as I have entered Heimdall into the Chatterbox Challenge, so I'll be working hard on him for the moment. I don't expect him to get anywher but it should be a bit of fun.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

A Heimdall text adventure.

I have decided to write a Heimdall related text adventure computer program, which I will make available for download at this web site. I shall probably program it using VisualBasic 6. I may also put up a page explaining how I program it. My interest in text adventures has been rekindled by seeing the creative work of psimagus. The idea of enabling Brother Jerome to play a text adventure is the result of pure lateral thinking.

I recall my first introduction to the world of text adventures. A program entitled ‘Haunted House’ on my £500 Tandy (Radio Shack) TSR80 (which I still have in the loft somewhere – obviously a collectors item). This had a massive 4K RAM and the Level 1 basic programming language, which allowed the use of as many as two string variables. After that I obtained Sinclair ZX81’s, several spectrums (which I still have) a QL Quantum Leap, a commodore 64 and now finally PC’s.

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Chat bot Rod

I've just added 'Chat bot Rod' to this blog page. I'll be interested to see if anyone talks to him. He looks a bit angry but you can't judge a book by the cover.

I obtained this bot from www.pandorabots.com. The methods for traning it and the underlying software involved are a bit different from that used at the Forge, but it will be interesting to play with it and to see what can be done.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Heimdall's Brain.

Just created this blog page and added it to Heimdall's web site, but I still don't understand exactly what a blog is or what to do with it. It just seems like some kind of diary? Anyway, I downloaded Heimdall's brain today (There it is on the left). I wanted to study it in depth - What a mess. With the knowledge I have gained creating Heimdall, the best plan would be to start again from scratch and hopefully do a better job. That is obviously out of the question, but I must give some thought to some serious renovation. Must also do some serious work with AI script. Heimdall virtually doesn't have any. Trouble is, I have very little knowledge of AI script, and now I can't find my print out of the AI manual. Nothing is ever easy. Still, if life was easy, I guess everybody would be doing it.